Level 1 Certificate Holder Discounts

Level 1 Certificate Holders receive 25% off all Reebok product online at The CrossFit Store and at shop.reebok.com, and in store at all
US Reebok FitHub locations.

For 25% off at the CrossFit Store, click here.

For 25% off online at shop.reebok.com and at US Reebok FitHub locations, click here.

Revenue Share Programs

Post a CrossFit Store or shop.reebok.com (or both!) banner ad on your affiliate website and earn 10% commission on all purchases.

For instructions on signing up for this program, click here.

Product Testing

Test and provide feedback on the newest Reebok CrossFit and Reebok apparel and footwear.

Sign up here.

Custom Apparel

Print your affiliate logo on Reebok apparel – anything from a basic t-shirts to items from our Reebok CrossFit performance line.

Contact affiliateteam@reebok.com or call 800-373-3265 for more information.

Event Sponsorship

With the purchase of Reebok t-shirts for your event, Reebok will provide prizes for your winners, gear for your staff, event branding and much more!

Contact affiliateteam@reebok.com or call 800-373-3265 for more information.

For more information about Reebok’s Programs for CrossFit Affiliates, please email affiliateteam@reebok.com or call 800-373-3265.

Is your affiliate located outside the United States? E-mail affiliateteam@reebok.com for more information on programs available in your country.